The Forest EP

by Prince Puja

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released December 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Prince Puja Los Angeles, California

Love is real, spread it. <3

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Track Name: The Forest Song
Wake up in the morning dark
Shower, eat and smoke
Friends around
Then we walk down
To start our work day

Sit around and trim them down
The only focus now
Among the trees
We sit, we're pleased
To do this work today

Animals come greet us now
And then they go away
To run about
As we find out
The results of Election Day

I want to come back changed
To feel a different way
The seed I planted grew so tall
It cracked and ripped it's way
Into the world to come back changed

Mama's cooking in the house
To feed the working crew
Zeva's fed
The house is cleaned
The Witsch works her magick

Gods and Goddesses around
The table for a feast
Sharing tales
Of days deceased
As we make history

Tracee can you hear the moon
Howling in the night
Cold seeps in
We're used to it
Now it's a brand new day

Bright lights in the night
But darkness all around
Find the path
And stay on track
Track Name: Why Did You Go?
Why did you go
I don't understand
The things you did
The things you planned
What was the point
In losing it all
Throwing it away
Taking the fall
I know it was bad
And I know you were hurt
I just don't understand
Why you had to desert

Your life on planet Earth
Was it so bad
Were you so hurt
That you couldn't handle the pain
Were you so lost that you had to start again

Where are you now
Where have you gone
We all need you here
For memories to come
You're missing in pictures
At parties and stuff
What was the point
Of missing it all
You weren't here for birthdays
Or even phone calls
You'll miss all the weddings
Kittys and balls

I know that you're gone
And there's nothing I can do
But I just want you to know
That I love you

Lord please help me
Heal this pain
That I can't
Find anywhere
It's hidden so deep
Trying to avoid
The fact that you
Have left a void
How can I deal
With losing a life
So dear to me
You are loved
Track Name: I'm Coming Home
Came out to the forest
For two weeks away
From the place I thought I couldn't stand
Where i didn't want to stay
I realized that running far
Is never far enough
You just have to make yourself
At home right where you are
And then I'll go back to my house
That I've lived in for years
Appreciating everything
From laughter, sweat and tears
A house is not a home
Until it has been filled with love
I just don't know what I would do
Without a house of love

I'm coming home
To the place where I belong
Gotta get back to the way things were
When I was a spark of fire
Just a star up in the sky, all light
Shining in the darkness of the night

I started out naked
Until I was exposed
To the world out there
Where I was formed
And taught that we are clothed
I learned to dress myself
To be perceived the way I want
I learned that I could see
How people would treat me different
My body became home for me
From years of not knowing
Where to go to feel whole
Safe and protected
I decorate it, keep it clean
I feed it sounds and sights and trees
It is my vehicle
It is my sanctuary

I feel a place in me
Where I am free from pain
The suffering has stopped
And I am cleansed by all the rain
In the shelter of the soul
I am free to be content
Roaming wild among the stars
I am absolutely meant
To be a part of the puzzle
And help the other stars shine bright
I am here to do the work of Suns
And to help spread the light
The only one who can create
The paradise of dreams
Is the one who is experiencing
Life to full extremes

Home is the place
Where you're yourself
And nothing else
Home is where you go
To watch the love grow
I often want to leave
Until I'm not there
And then I realize
Home is everywhere